THE ART OF BUYING ART: The Time Lapse Painting


Studio Brambilla Toronto Artist: Home Decor: The art of buying art -The Time Lapse Painting -Large Wall ArtThe Request:

“I live in a condo on the shore of Lake Ontario and I love watching how the sky changes colours over the course of the day. I would like a painting that captures that changing sky from morning to night. Oh and I really like yellow. Can you do that?”

Well that was a different request. A time lapse painting! This would take a while to envision for sure...but first the size.

The client knew where she wanted it to hang which was a large wall adjacent to floor to ceiling windows with an unobstructed view of the lake.

Great…no pressure, my work competing with nature!

It had to be BIG. We agreed on 4 feet high by 6 feet wide. That’s BIG.

So once that was settled. I thought long and hard about how to make a static painting show the passage of time. The key to the request was that the client wanted to see the morning and evening sky.

The request for the colour yellow would work for a morning sky but not the evening so that gave me some direction.

I figured I would start with dawn at the bottom of the painting and then show the passage of time as your eyes move up towards the top of the painting.

So I introduced dusk in the middle and finished with a dark evening sky at the top…so I really wound up depicting three time periods in one work. No additional charge for the third!

As usual I sent the client a number of progress photos to get approval of the direction I was going, and all was good.

Here is the final. Notice how I included three horizons to anchor the three different time periods.


 Studio Brambilla Toronto Artist: Home Decor: The art of buying art -The Time Lapse Painting -Large Wall Art

The client loved it and said the following:

“Dan created a stunning piece of art for our home. The process was so much fun. He would send me photos along the way to see if I wanted to make any changes.”

So if you would like this award-winning Toronto artist make a time lapse painting for you, let me know!!



Dan is a Toronto based award winning artist who has been painting for over 25 years. Dan’s passion is interpreting the primordial images of sky, horizon and water as viewed through the child-like-eyes of our prehistoric ancestors…images which are now burned into our modern collective unconscious. Dan imagines how these images were experienced and translates them into an atmospheric, minimalistic and somewhat surrealistic style representing the essence of what has enthralled us for millennia. Collectors of Dan’s artwork often describe the visual experience as: “Walking into a dream. This is the most serene, peaceful and ethereal art we have ever seen."