THE ART OF BUYING ART: The Client Request

Studio Brambilla Toronto Artist: Home Decor: The art of buying art - The client request

OK let’s get started on the commissioning process so you can see how varied it can be. I’ll share with you 7 recent requests I got from clients:

  1. I have a favourite photo that I would love to have you paint. Can you do that?
  2. I have a grey couch with yellow and blue throw pillows. I need something big that can go over the couch and capture those colours. Can you do that?
  3. I like that red painting of yours, but I need something much bigger, and I want it to have touches of gold in it and it needs to be compatible with this other painting I have that will be hanging in the same room. Can you do that?
  4. I live in a condo on the shore of Lake Ontario and I love watching how the sky changes colours over the course of the day. I would like a painting that captures that changing sky. Can you do that?
  5. I live on the shore of Lake Huron and I love its majesty especially when the sunlight comes breaking through the clouds. It needs to a large painting for my living room that will hang opposite our picture window looking out on the shore of the Lake. Can you do that?
  6. I am running a charity auction and I would love to have one of your large paintings for the auctions as I think we can make a good profit from its sale. Can you do that?
  7. I love your artwork and I had a crazy idea. I have three grown children and I would like a painting of each of them that will hang together like a triptych over my 16-foot couch, so they have to be large. And I want the paintings to be like a portraits, but not of their faces like a usual portrait, but rather the paining should reflect their three very distinctive and different personalities and be in your style of work. Can you do that?


My answers? Even though all these requests are quite varied the answer is YES I can do it all!

In the upcoming episodes I will be describing in more detail and show the results of each of these requests. Stay tuned!!



Dan is a Toronto based award winning artist who has been painting for over 25 years. Dan’s passion is interpreting the primordial images of sky, horizon and water as viewed through the child-like-eyes of our prehistoric ancestors…images which are now burned into our modern collective unconscious. Dan imagines how these images were experienced and translates them into an atmospheric, minimalistic and somewhat surrealistic style representing the essence of what has enthralled us for millennia. Collectors of Dan’s artwork often describe the visual experience as: “Walking into a dream. This is the most serene, peaceful and ethereal art we have ever seen"