THE ART OF BUYING ART: Similar But Different


Studio Brambilla Toronto Artist: Home Decor: The art of buying art - Similar But Different Large Wall Art


The Request:

“I like that red painting of yours, but I need something much bigger, and I want it to have touches of gold in it and it needs to be compatible with this other painting I have that will be hanging in the same room. Can you do that?”

So this was the painting I previously did and which the client liked….except she wanted some very substantial changes.

Studio Brambilla Toronto Artist: Home Decor: The art of buying art -Similar But Different  -Large Wall Art

To begin with this was only 22”x28” (about the size of a large mirror), After discussions with the client it turned out she needed a painting that would be 40”x60” (the size of a dinning table). Then she showed me another redish painting she had, and she wanted to make sure the new painting would be compatible with it. Finally she had very definite desires to have shimmering gold incorporated in the new work. So there were lots of things for me to think about in coming up with the proper image that would satisfy the client. This was going to be a tough commission for sure. I spent lots of time visualizing what it should look like.

I finally started the painting and as usual sent progress pictures to the client who I must say was very active in suggesting changes. This went on for a couple of months until she was happy with the result. I enjoyed the process because the client knew exactly what she wanted, and she also had very good taste! All of her suggestions turned out to be improvements.

 And here is the finished product. It glows!!


Studio Brambilla Toronto Artist: Home Decor: The art of buying art - Similar But Different  -Large Wall Art

So, Similar but Different it is!!

Let this award winning Toronto artist make this happen for you!!


Here are the Client’s comments:

“Dan is the ultimate creative professional. Working with him on a personal piece was wonderful. Dan took my very vague information, asked questions to refine my image and collaborated to draw out a beautiful landscape that I cannot wait to place in my home. Dan provided me ongoing progress updates and gave me continuous opportunities to update and personalize the piece. I haven't done this before, and Dan made the process stress free and pleasant. I would love to work with him again.”

Dan is a Toronto based award winning artist who has been painting for over 25 years. Dan’s passion is interpreting the primordial images of sky, horizon and water as viewed through the child-like-eyes of our prehistoric ancestors…images which are now burned into our modern collective unconscious. Dan imagines how these images were experienced and translates them into an atmospheric, minimalistic and somewhat surrealistic style representing the essence of what has enthralled us for millennia. Collectors of Dan’s artwork often describe the visual experience as: “Walking into a dream. This is the most serene, peaceful and ethereal art we have ever seen."