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How to Commission a Painting

If you like a painting but it is sold or you want it in a different size or with different colours, no problem. I can create customized art for your home, office or building lobby. How does this work? It's simple.

1. You choose the style of painting you want.

2. Together we choose the best size and color palette for the painting based on the size and color scheme of your room.

3. I do a few studies for you to review and we talk about what parts of the studies you like the most.

4. When you know what you want, I start painting.

5. I send you photos weekly showing the progress.

6. You provide your comments and I make adjustments as necessary.

7. In about 6-8 weeks your painting, which you helped to create, is done.


It's that simple and fun!

Please contact me for a free consultation so we can get started.